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Let this Teflon lining company help you

Are you looking for a professional Teflon lining company that can help you and your business? We will gladly tell you something more about Patrian Equipment, based in Belgium. Special applications, other mainly utilities and heat and cold-traced measured solutions are just an example of their areas. They have plenty of expertise when it comes to pipe supports, HVAC, CVC, plumbing, refrigeration and other useful secondary steelwork. Every product this Teflon lining company produces, is protected by a form of protective steel to reduce the risks of a corrosive environment. Read more below and discover the work fields, professional solutions and applications or this Teflon lining company.  

They offer measured solutions for your industry

Protecting the lining of the workspace in your business isn’t just an affordable luxury. It is an industrial solution that expands the lifespan of your piped installations. Pipeline components, high-qualitative PTFE spaces and other solutions are daily business for this Teflon lining company. Of course these friendly experts only use durable materials which are completely reliable and affordable for every company in the niche industry. Think about carbon, stainless steel, glassfiber epoxy or copper used for manufacturing piping and protective lining. Another benefit of this Teflon lining company is that the total project time is lower, including the risk of corrosion. Do you want to know more about their solutions for your professional company? Read more below on how to contact them.

Fill in the contact form

The experts of Patrian Equipment, a Teflon lining company, will gladly tell you more about their piping solutions, PTFE spaces, support systems and other applications. The correct phone number, e-mail address can be found on the website of the company. Even more easy is leaving your personal details of you and your company behind via the online contact form.